Sunday, December 16, 2007

Busy Weekend.

This was a wonderfully busy weekend. I went and looked at a spot of land in south Asheville a few people are wanting to put some trails on and I also did a spot of trail work on Laurel Mountain with Mike Brown, Valerie Naylor, and Mark Almond with the club. We spent our day bob-ing in some tools and straightening up a few trees. I included a few photos.

Good day all in all. This first shot is of the new vehicle and how cool it is to have a place to throw all my crap.

Next is a photo of the bob behind Mike in action. These little things are a blast.

On to the major log rework of the day. We had a plan for this section, but ended up coming up on it already cut by a local hiking club. So, we turned it into an alternate line that is super fun and doable.

Mike and Mark looking over the hiking club handy work.

The complete product.

This is one of my all time favorite trails and one I hope to always be able to help with.

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