Saturday, July 31, 2010

No words or pictures...

will describe this place. Shelter Cove, The King Range and the Lost Coast are the most amazing places in California, bar none. Black Sand Beaches, endless rock mountains and huge evergreen canopies that ensure a level of humility is found even in every six foot tall human. The photos I can post don't seem to capture it, when I have on that does I will be sure to get it on. I also will try and get some shots next week of the trail work as well.

A little backlog: We finished the cross country commute to Shelter Cove on Monday, the only issue we had on the whole drive was a wheel axle on the trailer pretty much eating itself. Otherwise, everything has been stellar. We ran a few errands on Tuesday, then started the project working for IMBA on the Paradise Royal Trail System. We are here for the next eight weeks, in heaven and working fourty hours a week.

The photos are the best attempt thus far at capturing what this place is.

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