Tuesday, July 20, 2010


We are now in Park City, Utah for the week to begin the design process for a new bike park for the Snyderville Special Recreation District. This park will be a world class example that will stand at the top of the list for public bike park across the county. STOKED!

But first a recap of the last week. The photos below are of a great ride we did with a good sized group on the Magnolia trails outside of Nederland on Saturday. It was a great ride with an even better group. Before that we were just driving, so there really wasn't much to report.

The day after the ride we went to an awesome lake just a few miles from our friends house and did some cliff jumping, swimming and general goofing off. IT WAS EPIC!!!

Now it is back to buisness as usual for a week, then we make the final push to "The Lost Coast".

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