Friday, June 13, 2008

Man oh man....

Okay, let's see if I can gather some thoughts and get them down on the interweby in some sort of coherent way.

This week has mostly been recovery from the National Trails Day event. It was great but certainly a little taxing. I learned a few very important lessons financially with some hoopla at the bank. I shifted airline tickets around for the IMBA conference in Utah, that is twice this year I have adjusted plane tickets, I need to be sure to include that in my travel budgeting next year. I met some really cool people this week and have had some good times. I worked at the bike shop and kicked it a bit, I found out what super hero I was, .... I am IRON MAN. But, yesterday was a highlight, another DT. It was great. Van bought a trailer for the club and we worked on the ONE section of GL that was bugging me after the workday. a berm that was a little off and a rock seep crossing that was a tad loose. Now the berm is 90% and the crossing is solid. If we do what we can, when we can; the world will gradually become the place of our dreams.

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