Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Came back to a hornets nest.

It seems some not so happy folks from the depths of hell decided I needed to re-evaluate one of my solutions to the Green's Lick epidemic. This has turned into a great learning experience. I should have put a sign to tell people what was happening to one of the most ridden trails in Bent Creek, but I didn't. Well, the filter at the top got yanked apart. Now, I need to process all this extra information and think of how I can use the negative energy of one to work through to a positive place for myself and the club. THANKS DUDE, YEAH I NEEDED TO PUT ENERGY SOMEWHERE ELSE!!! Ah, on another note I have begun working on art again, I just needed the space and now I think I am going to put some effort towards that while I am home, I would love to be back in my Art Mind.

Here are before and afters of the Green's Lick thing.

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ExtrmTao said...

Its a bummer man, good for you not taking it too much to heart. Live and learn.