Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Mind a skatter....

Today the mind isn't coming together very well. I have so much on it, things are jumbling, I think it is time to start pedaling again. I took this week off from the bike in hopes the body would build back up a bit. But, now I am craving the opening that a good ride brings. Perhaps this afternoon a good stretch then, tomorrow a pedal on the Parkway on the way back from Barntown.

Well, these are photos from yesterday, not too much to report, just punching ahead. One of the photos is of the beauty of 12" bench, a true tiny ribbon of trail that takes concentration and dedication to stay attached to. This project is where this kind of trail can shine. Low use no user conflict. Also, easy to get to so it is easier to maintain. The rest of this month will be heavily laden with these types of photos. The project may finish in February, but it will probably creep into March. Then, I get to do the I9 pumptrack and I may do a buddy's backyard as well.

Enjoy the photos and think about the flow.

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