Monday, February 4, 2008

Good Times, Yeah Good Times

We will begin this mornings conversation with Icycle. Saturday, Ryan Taylor and I took a casual roll-out and cruised up to Fontana Village for the Icycle. I have not been to Fontana since I was still a minor. This is my favorite race location of all time. I loved it as a kid and I still do, not that I am not a kid anymore, just that I still love this place. Anyhow, the conditions for the races couldn't have been better. I went without a bike in hopes I would begin feeling more jazzed and pumped on rolling fast. Lately the body has not been happy, so I am taking some time off and will get back on it later this week. Icycle helped.

When RT and I arrived it was so cool to see all the people that are from this area, that truly love riding bikes. This isn't a run of the mill kind of race, this is cult. You don't really see many beginners in the race, it is more of a salty dog winter reunion. RT and I said our hellos then rolled up to the top of the DH course to take a look. Everyone had full expectation that with all the freeze-thaw and rain the course would be stupid muddy, but the top of the course was, dare I say, PERFECT.

The day progressed into me running shuttles, talking smack at my friends, and generally having a great time. I only snapped a handful of photos as I couldn't really be bothered to spend much time behind the lens. Ryan cranked out 3rd in the DH right behind Chris "Herndog" and Garret from Morewood. (This is Garret in the photo getting styley on a hip). It is important to note just how good our local riders are. RT finished shortly behind the US duel slalom champ and the South African DH champ, generally kinda fast guys. After the race we cruised back into town at around 2 am, yeah, Icycle has a great scene. Thanks Jay and Wes.

Then, Sunday brought these before and after shots. Ryan had been helping me up at Barntown and had spotted this sweet rock with a natural skinny across the top. We spent the better part of a few hours wrestling it into place. The original plan had been, the rock skinny and then a bridge across the rock slab that is behind it, but as the afternoon progressed we found more and more rock creating a retaining wall past the rock skinny. I will show some more pictures once it is really done.

Today is still up in the air according to weather. It may be spent heavily in Bent Creek working on the Green's Lick work plan in the rain. Tomorrow, back up to Barntown to do some work.

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