Sunday, February 10, 2008

Like summer, but not

Today was about as close as you can come to summer in WNC without the hot weather. I met up with about ten other folks and some K9's on the loose too, and rode from the Hatchery up to Gumstand. Then, we dropped a bit, climbed a bit, and ended up at Daniel Ridge; this is possibly one of my favorite stretches of trail out there. It is rocky, flowy, rhythm, that you can't help but dance to. Once back on the gravel we rolled back up to Long Branch and managed to train the trail, ripping inches off each others wheels and really unleashing the fun of dirt surfing. I didn't take any photos this weekend, sorry. But, I do have a video from the sir-bikes-alot crew so you can get your Monday fix of trail love.

Yesterday was just as good. 2.5 or so in BC did a little saw work and some nice chill cruising.

Now the workweek begins and life takes hold. Being back on the bike this weekend did feel really good though.

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