Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Westward Bound

Well, it has been a crazy couple days as we have traversed about four states and stop in a number of places to hang out and ride. Last we left you we were in Dayton, Ohio at the cycling summit. The next day I got to ride MoMBA, but was having too much fun to shoot any photos. Then we sped over to Turkey Run in Indiana and had a great Sunday with a relaxing hike in some of the most amazing terrain I have ever seen. Think eastern box canyons, I have photos, but those are for Jenn and I. Finally, we just left Madison, Wisconsin after two great rides. One at Trek with Dwayne B and the other with the club folks at Blue Mounds. The Blue Mounds stuff was really cool, sorry about the lack of photos on it, but riding has just been too fun lately to stop for any reason. After this afternoon I will have gotten three rides in two days.

Photos from Dayton, a skate plaza in Kettering (art and fun), and the road passing us by. Next time you should hear from us it will be from Rapid City, SD.

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