Friday, June 5, 2009

Movin' along...

This has been one heck of a week. Sorry for the delay in posts, but I have been a bit out of the range of technology. It's been kinda nice honestly.

Okay, we left Wakefield (read DC) and headed the couple hours up to Chambersburg to check out the pumptrack I built last Fall and to get a ride in at Michaux. The photo from above is of the track.

Then, we cruised up through NJ and hung out with a couple of the JORBA folks and checked out a project they will hopefully get on the ground at a local state park soon, keep up the good work BOB.

Finally, we made our way up to New Hampshire. This place is RAD. Jenn's family has a house in the little town of Jackson just outside of North Conway and we have now settled in for the couple days before I need to go up to Canada. I went for a nice little ride yesterday and was able to spin out the legs after far too many days of driving. The photos below are of the beautiful local blooms, some of the cool rock work the locals have going on around here, and the pumptrack at a local riding area called "Sticks and Stones".

Tomorrow, it is off to the Great White North to get some stuff done, and then back here for a few days and hopefully a lot of pedaling.

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