Friday, June 26, 2009

How to make a flat trail....NOT FLAT

Today we will discuss adding some flavor to that vanilla ice cream. Start with the right machines. A good digger and a big bucket. For those folks that do things on the smaller scale a shovel, pulaski, LOTS OF SWEAT and a five gallon bucket or wheel barrow will work. But, for those people that do things PRO look below. Of course only do this where and when it is appropriate. Just another tool for your quiver.

Dig a hole. Go DEEP not Large, this allows you to get better mineral soil and disturb less of the root base. Then, when you are done, fill it in with all of the organic that you have pulled off of the trail surface and extra slash from the corridor.

Put the dirt in the right place to make the world dance. And I'm spent. Back on the job Monday, but for now a little R & R.

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