Saturday, September 20, 2008

A two wheeled Evangelist

Chambersburg was quite the experience. A small town with great people, doing their best to do great things. I am very happy with the way the pump track turned out and certainly have a few lessons learned, but feel the technique and routine has tightened up significantly.

I am now in Philly working on the computer for the next two days. Monday will be a reintroduction to the project here at the Wiss. Then, it is two weeks of the craziness of the Sustainable Trails Initiative again.

Tomorrow, I will work on my presentation for the National Trails Symposium on the "Emerging Trend of Pocket Bike Parks".

Here are a few of the themes I am playing around with:

- Unstructured play

- civility

- Getting children outside

I will put a few more together and hopefully be able to eloquently explain myself to all of the trail "nuts" at the conference. This seems to be a chance to be a bit more of the evangelist.

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