Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Bent Creek of Philly

from pearcefamily.org

It is amazing what a little bit of old road bed eroded for a number of years with an exponential amount of use can lend itself to. Today we worked on a number of different projects in the Wissa, one of which being an ADA causeway to a pavilion the other being setting chokes on a causeway with an eight foot retaining wall, yeah that got a little hairy, again sorry about no pics, that is a priority for the trip back home this week is getting the camera fixed and/or getting a new one. After work I was able to pound out about an hour worth of riding to help set the mind straight and it was amazing how many times I rounded a bend and said, "boy does this feel like home." I will always love both BC and the Wissa.

Tomorrow will hopefully be getting the new causeway done and moving on to using poly pavement on it. I have heard about a couple of these things and this one also sounds interesting. Check it out.

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