Saturday, May 1, 2010

Public Meeting ... Whew ...

What a day! Grand total 91 folks on the register...SWEET! The day was increadible. It started like any other day with an intrepid few rolling in with coffee, bagels and the "supplies".

Then, the locusts arrived and ate up the fruits of our labor. It was awesome. We gave tours and met folks interested in helping out.

So what did I learn interacting with 90 some odd folks...people in Florida LOVE shade. The indoor DJ room was all the RAGE at the polls. Crazy.

Well, now we recover and head to Augusta. We make a little stop in Gainesville tomorrow and ride the pedal bikes down to the pub and wash it all away. Then, Augusta and the IMBA Wolrd Summit, Happy May Day...but this ship is far from sinking. See folks in Augusta.

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