Monday, December 8, 2008


I love this place. I am down here working on a pump track and a few other odds and ends for a bit. What a great time to be in Florida. The next two pictures are of the prep work leading up to the construction. My week was frustrating at best and my weekend was FANTASTIC at worst. The local club here OMBA is amazing, I feel like they are family to me. Thanks guys. Click on the link to see the slideshow from the weekend. 20 plus people both Saturday and Sunday, this is how you get things done.

Dirt in place at the site.

Getting the dump truck put together, LEGOs for big kids.

Finally one of the objectives on this little mission was to look over the Vortex area and think about a few changes the locals wanted, and how to fix a few little vandalism problems. Check out this stream of conscientiousness poetry some kid wrote on the long ladder on the Redr Trail, creativity begetting creativity.

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ArkMTBRider said...

That is one great poem. Bravo!